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Presente alla manifestazione anche il CRdC ICT Istituzioni, Università ed aziende a confronto
08.11.2005 - Il MIUR nell’ambito del piano di internazionalizzazione ammette al co-finanziamento il “Laboratorio Didattico Remoto Italo-Croato Distribuito su Rete Geografica”
06.05.2005 - Inserimento di un link al portale LA.DI.RE nel sito della Fondazione CRUI.
26.04.2005 - Inaugurazione del "Laboratorio Didattico Remoto Distribuito su Rete Geografica".
01.04.2005 - Presentazione del progetto alla manifestazione Smaumenti@contatto2005.
05.11.2004 - E-learning, Sannio all’avanguardia.
30.09.2004 - Presentazione del progetto al XLII Congresso Annuale dell' AICA.


Temperatura corrente nel laboratorio LADIRE "G.Savastano"



The Didactical remote Laboratory is a elearning environment, based on the Learning Management System developed by Didagroup S.p.A.. This environment has been created for sperimental activities  for electrical measurements. It is distributed on several Universities, is accessible by remote students through a web browser without any specific software client side.

This project derives from the collaboration among the University of Sannio, the University of Reggio Calabria, and Didagroup S.p.A. The main objective is to favourite the development of business in the italian meridional regions, to empower the competitivity of the enterpice through the training of technicians, making available the innovative measurement instrumentations and promoting the training to create new skills specific of the ICT .

The Didactic and Remote Laboratory empowers the the diffusion of academic technological   knowledge to the wide area of the web users. In fact, the distributed elearning environment is accessible by the students of different academic courses of the partner univerisities and gives theme the opportunitiy to obtain spcific skills requested at national but also international levels. An important addvalue of the Remote Laboratory is that it gives the possibility to make specific training in easy way also to the employers and to disabled students because they can access the actual  intrumentations directly by their home or working station.

The main rilevant characteristic of this environment is that it allows to overcome the gap between academic and industrial knowledge in the branch of experimental laboratories of measurement that the industries needs for their specific activities and competitiveness.

The project has been cofounded by UE through the fund “Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale” (FESR). Above such interesting links to European fund:


The fundamental objective of the Didactical and Remote Laboratori Project is to offer, most of all, to the industry, specialized technicians in the measurement breanch and well equiped laboratories.

This learning environment supports the spread of the know-how of the high critical breanch about Control Process Engineering, Testing Engineering, to empower the competitiveness and the survival of the specialized SME.

The distance learning environment will favour, thanks to its innovative elearniong infrastucture, the cooperation among research group that have research activities related to the breanch of experimental distance learning.

It will empower the occasions of collaborations among public and private universities and industries to create virtual schools for specialization that can use the remote laboratories belonged to this one.

The created infrastucture is particularly suitable to favurite the collaboration among the research centers in all the world and to create specific techonological skills  



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